Abroad and Well

After four months traveling Europe, I finally felt like a true local. I had visited almost every city or country that has been on my bucket-list, and I definitely got the most out of each trip. With our classes finally over, I was excited for a straight week of vacation. We couldn’t think of a better place to go than two islands right off the coast of Spain.


First up was Mallorca, a small island only 40 minutes away from Barcelona by plane. After accidentally booking the wrong flight from my boyfriend Billy, I ended up arriving a couple hours early. Luckily, Emily was already there so I had a friend to hang out with on the beach and explore the island with. We grabbed lunch at a cafe on the beach and enjoyed mediocre chicken fingers and french fries in the sand. Although the food was average, the water made up for it all. Some patches were a deep blue, while others were clear and aqua. All I could think was that they definitely don’t have water like this at the beaches in Miami.


When Billy arrived, our sunny day turned gloomy and not all was well. He’ll kill me for mentioning this, but the kid had a rash from his head to his pinky toes. No one wanted to touch him, let alone get near him. When it got worse the next day, we set out for some medical attention. Turns out, he was just allergic to sulfur, which is commonly found in many over the counter European medicines. Now knowing that no one is contagious, or on their death bed, we were ready to make the best of this trip.

Upon doing some research, we discovered a beach called Playa del Ingles. After exploring this part of the island for some time, we cam across a secret cave that looked like a picture from a green screen. This time, the water wasn’t crystal clear. Instead, the water had insane shades of greens, golds and blues. It looked as if Gaudi flew from Barcelona to Mallorca to paint the waters in these caves. I couldn’t believe how fake everything looked, even in person. The pictures we took did it some justice, but it’s nothing like seeing it for yourself. We were so captivated by the natural beauty in this spot that we decided to come back here the next day before saying goodbye.


The next day, we parted ways with Mallorca and headed to a different type of island. Although it is part of Spain, the Canary Islands are technically located right outside of Morocco. Because of the coastal difference, we weren’t expecting such a tribal island. It might have been because we were at the southern tip, Maspalomas Gran Canaria, but wow did this island take my breath away. From one end we saw the gorgeous beach, not as crystal clear as Mallorca, but definitely beautiful in its own way. We looked to one side of the beach and saw a mountain and all I could think about what the fact that no where in Miami has any type of beach like this. The only beach in America I have been to with mountains on the water was in California.


As if that wasn’t beautiful enough, we looked to the other side of the beach and saw a field of sand dunes. It was so crazy to walk from the water to what felt like a desert. One second we were on the beach, the next it felt like we were lost in the Sahara. I was more than happy with how beautiful and unique this beach was turned out to be. After another couple of days exploring the island and getting sun-turnt on the beach, it was time for us to finally say goodbye to this amazing island.


It hadn’t hit me yet that the end of this trip was the end of my time living in Europe. I couldn’t believe how fast these few months went by and how much I got to see and experience that is life changing all in it’s own. We packed up our stuff to head back to Barcelona to say a final goodbye to the most amazing city in the world.



To end our world tour, we obviously had Bo de B for dinner and went on a final walk through my neighborhood in the Gothic Quarter. As we headed to the airport the next morning, I reflected back on my experiences abroad. I met so many incredible people, visited countries completely different from one another, and was literally handed the world for a semester. I can’t thank my parents enough for the trip of a life time and the most incredible experience I have yet to endure. Going back home to reality doesn’t seem right, but I knew I’d be back again.



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