Abroad and Well

After four months of traveling Europe, I felt like a true local. I had visited almost every city or country that has been on my mind and definitely got the most out of each trip. With our classes finally over, I was excited for a straight week of vacation. We couldn’t think of a better place than two islands right off the coast of Spain.

First up was Mallorca, a cute little island only 40 minutes away by plane. And speaking of, after accidentally booking the wrong flight from my boyfriend Billy, I ended up arriving a couple hours early. Luckily Emily was already there so I had a friend to hang with on the beach while we waited. We grabbed lunch at a little cafe and enjoyed mediocre chicken fingers and french fries in the sand. The water was so clear, you could see the sand perfectly right under. The sun was shining and it was the perfect day to lay out.

When Billy arrived, our sunny day turned gloomy and not all was well. He’ll kill me for mentioning this, but the kid had a rash all over his hands and feet. No one wanted to touch him or even get near him. When it got worse the next day, we went to a hospital that was no help at all. Turns out, he was allergic to sulfur, which is commonly found in many European medicines over the counter. Now knowing that he wasn’t contagious, or going to die, we were ready to finally make the best of this trip while it lasted.

We found a secret cave at one of the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen. Playa del Ingles looked like a picture from a green screen. The water was crystal clear and you could see the shadows of the boats reflecting perfectly onto the water. We saw a food shack on our way to the cave and ordered sandwiches and french fries for a picnic in our new spot. We were listening to music, enjoying the sun and getting lost in a beautiful day. The trip was finally turning around for us.


The next day we said bye to Mallorca and Emily and headed out to the Canary Islands. I heard the southern part of the island had the best weather and the most beautiful beaches, so we set our for Maspalomas Gran Canaria. What people failed to mention was that this part of the island was full blown nude. We figured everyone was naked because it’s Europe, but no…. nude beach. Dope. Despite our minor set back, we were finally laying on the beach and it could not have been a more beautiful day. We looked around to admire the world around us and were in awe at everything we would see. The only other place I’d been to that had mountains in the distance of the beach was California… was I dreaming?


I didn’t think anything could top that until we took a tour around the beach. Turns out, there was a field of sand dunes behind us the entire time. One second we were on the beach, the next it felt like we were on a desert. I was so pleasantly surprised with how beautiful and unique this beach was. A couple days on the beach, and horrible sunburns later, it was time for us to finally say goodbye to our amazing abroad experience.


It hadn’t yet hit me that the best four months of my life were coming to an end. We packed up our stuff to head back to Barcelona to say goodbye to the most amazing city in
the world. We obviously ended our night with Bo de B ad a final walk through the Gothic Quarter. As we headed to the airport and parted ways home, I reflected back on my experiences abroad. I met so many incredible people, went on amazing journeys, and was literally handed the world for a semester. I can’t thank my parents enough for the trip of a life time and the most incredible experience I have yet to endure. Going back home to reality still didn’t seem right, but like always, I knew I’d be back again.


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