You can’t spell Spain without pain

Even after Spring Break, my adventures were no where near done. I arrived home from Barcelona only to be greeted by my older sister Rachel. Three years ago, she had the amazing opportunity to go abroad in Barcelona and now here we are, a few years later and her dream of reliving the abroad glory days are right in her hands. All she wanted was one last taste of Abroadcelona. Even though I was just ending my Spring Break, I was more than ready for my next adventure in my favorite city with my favorite person.
For our first adventure, we went to Parc Ciutadella where we took out the row boats and had a nice day on the lake. We walked by the Arc de Triumph and all through the park for a little since it was a beautiful day. We didn’t have too much time, so after our relaxing day at the park we headed home to get ready for dinner. By popular demand, her request was Bo de B. Music to my ears. We each got a boquadillo and Patatas Bravas and inhaled our favorite Barcelona treasure. Before passing out, I took her down my favorite street in El Borne and we got some empanadas to go. We hung out and watched a movie with our empanadas before getting ready for our next big day.


We got up early and headed to Park Guell, where we’d both already been before, but going back now was nostalgic, and we’ve never been with each other. We got to the ticket booth around 2:00 PM and of course all passes were sold out until about 7:00 PM… Cool. We weren’t about to just leave. After almost an hour of debate, I finally convinced Rachel to jump the fence with me and sneak in. The most rebellious she’s ever been and her adrenaline was rushing. After a few hours walking around the gardens and looking at all of Gaudi’s beautiful artwork, we decided to siesta before dinner.


Up next on the menu, was a new restaurant my roommate introduced me to called “La Alcoba Azul.” My sister had never tried it and was so excited for a new tapas experience. After another delicious meal, we headed home to get ready to take on Loco Lunes. My sister has had dreams about reliving Loco Lunes, and when she found out they changed the location to Opium, she merely had a heart attack of joy. I’m not usually the biggest fan of Opium, but this Loco Lunes was one for the books.
When we woke up, we felt like a ton of bricks were poured onto our heads. It took all the strength we had left in our bodies to turn down Bo de B right around the corner of my place, but needed something more. The only cure was a day on the beach and CDLC for sangria and 5 euro massages. So thankful we were able to drink away our hangover right in time for our next meal! This time, we invited my boyfriend to take on both of our top tapas restaurant called, Sensi. No surprise it was just as good as she had remembered and still to this day one of my favorite tapas restaurants in Barcelona.


The next day, we grabbed lunch at my favorite spot in La Boqueria, called El Quim. This tapas place was too legit. No reservations, no tables, first come first serve, and if you can’t find a seat, enjoy your meal standing at the bar. The locals didn’t mind, my sister definitely did. That being said, we got two chairs and had the amazing taps made right in front of you.

Now that our stomachs were full and our hearts were happy, we were ready for a night out at Sutton. The night turned into frozen pizza and sisterly love. I was so happy Rachel added onto my already incredible experience abroad. I was sad to see her leave, but exited for our next adventure when she comes to visit me in California this summer. Stay tuned for the next Stein-venture.


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