After months of baguette con queso in Barce, I couldn’t be more ready to go back to the country of carbs. Although Italy is known greatly for its history, it’s better known for its amazing food. The last time I went to Italy was when I had just graduated from high school and took a short two week trip to a few countries in Europe. One of the few places I was fortunate enough to visit was Italy. I went with my aunt and we hit most of the major spots, but there was still so much more I wanted to see. When Emily, Jilian and Alex decided to travel to Italy for our Spring Break, I was pumped to be revisiting the paradise of pizza and pasta.

We first landed in Rome and I was excited to see the city from a new perspective. When I was 18, I didn’t think much about ruins covering the middle of the streets. This time around, I couldn’t believe there is an actual city built around thousand year old building fragments. On our first day, we kept it simple and visited the Pantheon. It was definitely beautiful, but not much to do after gazing at the art for a half hour. The beauty must have made us hungry, because we stopped for gelato on our way to the place where dreams come true. I was already dreaming with the most amazing gelato I’ve possibly ever had, but I couldn’t wait to make a wish on the Trevi Fountain. It only took about 40 tries to get the perfect boomerang of us throwing in our coins, but my gelato kept me calm, so I couldn’t complain.


 The next day we went to check out the Roman Forum and Colosseum. Last time I was in Italy, I didn’t pay much attention to the Forum. Walking past it again, I was truly captivated by it’s beauty and history. I couldn’t believe that was what remained of a prominent architecture thousands of years ago. Although I had also already seen the Colosseum with my aunt, this time I felt it was more beautiful than I remembered. I couldn’t believe so many years ago people were able to build something so big and detailed without the tools we have today. It was incredible to see such a huge piece of history become such a beautiful art piece.


The next day we said goodbye to Rome and headed to the Amalfi Coast. First on our list was Sorrento, where we set home base before exploring the rest of the islands. When we woke up, we rented a car to check out Positano. I had always seen pictures of the colorful houses stacked onto each other and my boyfriend had always joked about moving here one day. It took a whopping 40 minutes to tour the entire city, but wow did it take my breath away. After a lovely day by the beach, we got yet another meal of pasta and headed to our next adventure.

The next day, we checked out Capri, the one place I had actually been to before. I was fortunate enough to have done the Blue Grotto once before, because this time around the
tide was too high. As soon as docked in, me and Jillian headed straight for gelato in a waffle bowl. A cute picnic by the water turned into an epic fail when Jillian slipped and blessed the ocean with her gelato. It was already turning out to be a good day. After
drinking some wine on the rocks and making new friends, things took a turn for the worse when me and Jillian missed the ferry back to Sorrento. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if we didn’t already book train tickets from Sorrento to Florence that night at 5:00 PM. Unfortunately, the next ferry out of Capri wasn’t until closer to 4:00 PM, so me and Jillian bought a new train ticket and took our sweet time enjoying the sun and grabbing a plate of spaghetti or two.


When we boarded the train we didn’t realize how fun of a time our disaster turned into. Me and Jillian loved the alone time and not feeling rushed. I even heard back from an internship I had just interviewed for. Turns out, I got the job! And I was so pumped knowing that I was going to be living in California for the summer. We got into Florence very late, and got a quick bite before passing out for the night. I unfortunately only had one full day in this beautiful city, but I enjoyed every second to the fullest. We first visited the statue of David, where naturally I took a not so basic picture. We got yelled at by the guards, and a few people passing by, but they were no match for our good time. Naturally, the museum made us hungry so we stopped by this amazing panini place just down the street. I got prosciutto, arugula and mozzarella with a side of Florence tongue photo-bombing me.

We then stopped by a panini place we heard of from basically everyone who’s ever studied abroad in Florence. The line was out the door, but so worth the wait. Stuffed with fresh prosciutto and mozzarella, you can’t go wrong. We ended the day at the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, for final pictures and another round of gelato because it was our last day and why not. After a full week of binge eating, I said goodbye to Italy and said probably hello to a few extra pounds. That being said, I wouldn’t trade in my food baby for anything in the world. I’d eat endless plates of pasta and gelato everyday for the rest of my life if I could. Always a pleasure, Italy.



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