Eiffel in Love with Paris

After weeks of traveling, I was finally making my way to the most romantic city in the world. Good thing I’m traveling to the city of romance with none other than my abroad girlfriend Emily. Lucky for us, Emily has a family friend who lives right in the heart of the city. I’ve heard people say Paris is the New York of Europe, but when we arrived at the house we’d be staying at, I was shocked when we stepped inside. There were 3 stories… and a basement… with an indoor pool. Yup, I could tell I was definitely going to like it here.


Emily’s family friend Ann, made us a nice little snack when we arrived with fresh cheeses, baguette, and obviously croissants. After settling in, we went to the basement where our room (and indoor pool) was waiting for us. We got ready and headed to L’Arc Club, where our friends who had studied abroad in Paris told us was a must see. You’d think the clubs in Paris would be classy and sophisticated, but we walked into a male strip tease and money being blown all over the room. E11even is that you? After a couple hours out, and smelling like a human ash tray, we got home, showered, and got ready for the big day ahead of us.


We woke up to another delicious and authentic French meal Ann made for us to kick start the day. Since I had never been to Paris, I knew I needed to check out Versailles. When we got to the castle, I was in awe at the gold trimmings lining the entirety of the Palace. The gates were solid gold and the property looked massive. Who was I supposed to tell I was ready to move in? After touring the inside, we finally made it to the Gardens of Versailles. I thought the castle was huge, until we started taking a tour around the garden. You could’ve fit two more palaces n that proper comfortably. It was insane. After walking for what seemed like miles we made it to Marie Antoinette’s sulking quarters. She had an entire house, double the size of mine back home, specifically for her mood swings. AND her husband was never allowed. She definitely knew how to get her way.


On our way back from touring the castle, we stopped at a local market to get fresh cheese and baguette for a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower. The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze, and the day was so far perfect. When the day came to an end, we headed home to get ready for a concert. We were hyped that we were in Paris, about to see a popular techno group called Disclosure. We met up with some friends in the city to pre-game before heading to the show. Safe to say, they KILLED the club. The show definitely catered more to the European market rather than if they played in America, but the experience was amazing. To make the night even better, it ended with a hotdog and when we got home we took a late night dip in the indoor pool.


The next day, we were getting ready for Eiffel Tower round two. We had already done the picnic, now we wanted to go all the way to the top to see Paris from above. After capturing our perfect moment, we headed down and made our way to the Louvre.
After countless stories and history lessons, I was excited to see what all the hype was about with the Mona Lisa. You had to walk through the Louvre for about a mile before even getting to what I thought was going to be mind blowing. I’m usually not the biggest fan of museums, but I had such high expectations for this, that when we finally met face to face, I wasn’t all that impressed. The painting was less than half the size of most of the other paintings all throughout the museum. But what about that detail? I wouldn’t know. There was a rope five feet away from her that you weren’t allowed to step past. Despite my disappointment, I was happy I went to see what all the fuss was about. And even more so, I was ready to finally take the ever so basic picture touching the tip of the Louvre. Safe to say, I nailed it.


After the Louvre, we walked down the street to the Love Lock Bridge, where me and Emily put our names on a lock and threw away the key. When we got home, Ann was preparing a delicious french meal for us with her entire family. She made escargot, quail eggs, duck, and so many more French delicacies. It was the perfect way to end our romantic French get-away in a traditional and fun way. The hospitality was great, the adventures were even better. I’ll definitely be heading back to this beautiful city one day.



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