Lil Swiss Sunshine

After a lovely 11 hour bus ride from Barcelona, we finally made it to paradise. And by paradise, I mean the actual most expensive country in the world, where their cheese and chocolate are as fine as their Swiss Bankers. That’s right, Interlaken Switzerland. When we pulled up to the hostel, we were in shock at how beautiful the town was. There were mountains from every angle that reminded me of a European Breckenridge. It was a cute little ski town that probably surpasses my four years college tuition.12688038_10205779285422212_5711322137542467837_n

As soon as we got there, we emerged ourselves in as much as we could. We took a walk and found ourselves at what looked like a green screen in real life. Lake Brienz was easily one of the most beautiful sites I had ever seen. The water was crystal clear with shades of blue. You could even see the sun shining between the mountain peaks, reflecting onto the water. The pictures we took looked like a professional just went HAM on Photoshop. It was so surreal that there was no editing whatsoever on any pictures we took. Most girls would say in this case that “The lighting was on fleek.” I didn’t think anything else could compare to this, until our adventure the very next day.


After already sky diving for my 18th birthday, I was hungry for more action. My adrenaline was pumping and I was ready to fly. Me, Emily, and our friend Jilian, suited up and got ready for our jump. 13,000 feet up and I was starting to feel my heart drop into my stomach. A few more minutes later, and we were free falling. Now that I was thousands of feet up, I was able to see the Swiss Alps from a completely different perspective. The lake seemed amazing until I jumped out of an airplane, hovering over the most beautiful mountain peeks in the world. I couldn’t believe this was my life right now. Even the tandem I was attached to let me know that this was his favorite spot in the world to sky dive. he’s been everywhere from Australia, to Dubai, and still says there’s not a site more beautiful.

Jessie Stein 059

After an action packed day, it was time to indulge in my favorite activity. CHOCOLATE MAKING. And honestly, what’s better than Swiss chocolate? An hour later and I was finally ready to try my finished product. It wasn’t the prettiest chocolate, but wow did it taste good. Safe to say I definitely ate my weight in chocolate for the day, and definitely spent more money in this one weekend than double what my allowance usually is back at home for a month. Even the hot chocolate costed more than a full meal’s worth in Gainesville. Still unsure as to how people live here, but it definitely was beautiful.


If anyone visits Switzerland, I highly recommend skydiving in the Swiss Alps. It’s an opportunity you’ll never be able to relive and it was one of the best days of my life. If skydiving isn’t something you can ever see yourself doing, I’d recommend chocolate making. It’s fun, easy, and can you say free chocolate? And coming from Miami, I know absolutely nothing about hitting the slopes, but from what all of my friends said, skiing down the Swiss Alps is an adventure all in its own. My last tip for visiting Switzerland, is to come rich, or come with someone else who’s paying.

Jessie Stein 025


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